"If tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy."

---James Madison



"The United States is declining as a nation and a world power with mostly sighs and shrugs to mark this seismic event.  Astonishingly, some people do not appear to realize that the situation is all that serious."

Leslie Gelb, President Emeritus, Council on Foreign Relations

Cost of the War in Iraq
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'Senatoris est civitatis libertatem tueri'


Because so few American lawmakers understand that, 'it is the duty of the legislators to protect the liberty of the citizens,' I have declared my candidacy for the 32nd Congressional District.  My entrance into the 32nd Congressional race addresses the need for incontrovertible leadership, primarily by narrowing the discourse to five central themes which follows the acknowledgement of the passing of Harry Browne, the Libertarian Party Candidate for President in 1996 and 2000:


"Americans are likely unaware that their armed forces are propping up third world thugs in 130 countries around the world that should be placed on our borders protecting US citizens from the onslaught of a foreign invasion that has come to exploit our welfare state.  And by that, I mean the public schools and the health care system."

---Leland Faegre, October 23, 2006

[from an interview with Pasadena Star News reporter, Christina Esparza]


H a r r y  B r o w n e

6/17/33  -  3/1/06

Harry Browne, RIP by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr., LewRockwell.com
Thanks for Changing My Life, President Browne by Jim Babka, DownsizeDC.org
A Personal Message from Autumn Browne, Harry's daughter

Memories of Harry Browne by Anthony Wile, Free Market News Network
Harry Browne's Cogent Wisdom, and Why I'm a Libertarian by Anthony Gregory
Remembering Harry by Sharon Harris, Advocates for Self-Government
How I Found Harry in an Unfree World by Stephen V. Funk, Blogcritics.org
Harry Browne: Right on the megatrend by Peter Brimelow, Investor's Business Daily
Harry Browne (1933-2006) by Richard Ebeling, Foundation for Economic Education
Notes from Harry Browne by Jeff Jacoby, The Boston Globe
Libertarian Party Mourns the Loss of Former Presidential Candidate Harry Browne
A Goodbye Letter to Harry Browne by Michael Cloud, Center for Small Government
The One and Only Harry Browne by Carla Howell, Center for Small Government
Harry Browne, RIP by Robert Bluey, Human Events Online
The Honest Libertarian by Shawn Macomber, The American Spectator
Harry Browne, RIP by Brian Doherty, Reason
Libertarian Leader Harry Browne Dies, WorldNetDaily


P Repeal of the Income Tax


A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.

---Plank One, Communist Manifesto

Plagiarized from the Communist Manifesto, Amendment XVI remains the most important mechanism for the theft and redistribution of your wealth. It serves the special interests of politicians who create and live from the trough of the welfare state, the plethora of alphabet agencies, and the monstrous unspeakable abuse it wields against its own citizens--or should I say subjects?  >>Read More


P  Repeal All Firearm Statutes


A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

---2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution

As Harry Browne has written, restrictions on gun ownership don't reduce crime. They either render innocent people defenseless, give the police more power than they should have, or they are simply stupid, unenforceable laws.  The only valid policy is to have no laws regulating the ownership of guns, but to hold every citizen responsible for whatever harm he initiates against others---with or without a gun. People should never be prosecuted for what they own, for what they think, for what they eat, drink, or smoke, or for what they believe. They should be prosecuted only for the physical harm they do to others.  And people who do harm others should be prosecuted---whether or not a gun is involved, and whether or not there is hate in one's heart or liquor on one's breath.  >>Read More


P  Repeal the State Monopoly on Education


Free education for all children in public schools.

---Plank 10 of the Communist Manifesto

The elimination of the Marxist income tax would transform our social requirement for both parents to work, enabling one parent to remain in the home for the first time in a generation, and permit children to be educated ideally, in the home.

Because, in traditional government education, more funding, smaller classes, higher-priced teachers and merit pay, and more educational bureaucracy have all been tried and failed.  In fact, the only thing that hasn’t been tried is competition: The freedom of parents to use their own money to send their children to the non-profit, religious, or private school of their choice--non-government schools that effectively teach the values parents want.


John Stossel's 'Stupid in America'


P Repeal the War on Drugs


"Just as bootleggers were forced out of business in 1933 when prohibition was repealed, making the sale of liquor legal (thus eliminating racketeering), the legalization of drugs would put drug dealers out of business. An added plus: There would be far less crowding in our prisons due to drug-related crimes. It’s something to consider."

---Abigail Van Buren, "Dear Abby," May 3 1994

The current policy of prohibition and criminalization of drugs does not reduce drug abuse or the harm that drugs cause. In fact, The War on Drugs actually exacerbates the problem far beyond the dangers of the drugs themselves, by making criminals of drug users, and transforming our society into a police state. I will no longer vote for, or advocate any political party or politician, which utilizes the War on Drugs as a get votes strategy. Anyone who does this is simply an accomplice to totalitarianism.  >>Read More


P Repeal the Social Security Pyramid Scheme


"[Social Security] operates on a very simple principle:

Politicians take your money from you and spend it as they please."

---Harry Browne

Again, Harry Browne: "For all your working years, 15% of what you earn (up to $60,600 of earnings per year) goes to the politicians as Social Security tax. They might spend your money on other people's retirements---or use it to buy votes, build monuments to themselves, or prop up the Russian government for another half hour. But the one thing they'll never do is put your money in an account with your name on it, where it can be invested and grow and build up for your retirement.

Anything Social Security eventually pays you will be taken by force from the paychecks of younger people---probably including your own children and grandchildren."

This legislative agenda will be completed by noon of the first day of the philosophically libertarian United States Congress.  And then?  We will break for lunch…

And on the Importance of American Foreign Policy


"...She has abstained from interference in the concerns of others, even when conflict has been for principles to which she clings, as to the last vital drop that visits the heart. She has seen that probably for centuries to come, all the contests of that Aceldama the European world, will be contests of inveterate power, and emerging right. Wherever the standard of freedom and Independence has been or shall be unfurled, there will her heart, her benedictions and her prayers be. But she goes not abroad, in search of monsters to destroy..." 

---John Quincy Adams, 1821



Olberman Addresses the Military Commissions Act



"I feel liberated. ... I no longer am gonna have to carry the water for people who I think don't deserve having their water carried. ... If those in our party who are going to carry the day in the future both in Congress and the administration are going to choose a different path than what most of us believe, then that's liberating."

---Rush Limbaugh, 11/08/2006


"In the aftermath of the bojinka attack, in the World Trade Center debris trucked over to Staten Island's Fresh Kills Landfill, lies the demopublican foreign policy of the Empire of America.  As hideous as this crime against our civilization was, Americans should cleanse the apparatchiks of our own Foreign Policy Establishment before they go policing the Ottoman empire, with their legions of Islamic jihadists nostalgic for the 14th century."

---Leland Faegre, 2002



Iran: The Next Neocon Target

Before the U.S. House of Representatives 

April 5, 2006


Iranian Moolah

"How can you have a revolution when everyone is watching TV?"

Sunday, October 29, 2006 12:01 a.m. EDT



"If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy."

---James Madison



Merging the US, Canada, and Mexico

CFR's Plan to Integrate the U.S., Mexico and Canada


U.S. tipping Mexico to Minuteman patrols

By Sara A. Carter, Staff Writer



Data on illegal immigrants kept secret

2 agencies cite privacy in denying info to prosecutors

Planning a Trip to Mexico?

The News Behind the News

"You need only reflect that one of the best ways to get yourself a reputation as a dangerous citizen these days is to go about repeating the very phrases which our founding fathers used in the great struggle for independence."


---Attributed to Charles Austin Beard (1874-1948)



An "Interview" with Thomas Jefferson

Thomas JeffersonOn the occasion of his birthday, the Manchester Union Leader Opinion Editor, Andrew Cline, "sits down" for an "Interview" with Thomas Jefferson on the Bush Administration, Fiscal Responsibility, the Progressive Tax, Illegal Immigration, The International Criminal Court, Inheritance Tax and Campaign Finance Reform....



Drug Policy Alliance



"The Libertarian Party [has] quietly emerged as America's best

 organized third party."

---George Magazine, September 19, 2000

High court ruling is 'assault on political rights,' Libertarians say

[December 11] The Libertarian Party, which is one of the plaintiffs that challenged the campaign finance law upheld on Tuesday by the Supreme Court, has denounced the ruling as an “all-out assault on the right of every American to engage in the political process.” >>Read the press release

If the U.S. hates terrorists, why do we keep arming them?
[October 5] Here's a question worth asking before we get involved in a decades-long war against terrorism: Why doesn't the U.S. government stop arming and training foreign terrorists and the dictators who support them? >>Read the op-ed

188 inmate overdose deaths are new proof the 'Drug War' has utterly failed
[February 20] WASHINGTON, DC -- A new report showing that at least 188 inmates in state prisons died of drug overdoses in the last decade is embarrassing proof that the War on Drugs is not just failing -- it's utterly futile, the Libertarian Party said today. >>Read the press release

Advice for Bush on NATO: End it, don't extend it
[November 21] Instead of welcoming several new countries into NATO at the summit that begins today in Prague, President Bush should pull the United States out of the unnecessary alliance and save taxpayers billions of dollars in “military welfare” costs, Libertarians say. >>Read the press release

Shout Out The Names Of America's Heroes
[September 20] There is a Tibetan proverb that states: "Evil shouts. Goodness speaks in a whisper." On September 11, evil shouted its message of violence. >>Read the op-ed

Libertarian Party member among missing in World Trade Center
[September 18] A Libertarian Party member and New York City police officer has been listed among the missing persons as a result of the terrorist attacks on September 11. >>Read the story

Response from the Libertarian Party to the terrorist attacks of September 11
[September 12] Statement by James W. Lark, national chairman of the Libertarian Party: On behalf of the Libertarian Party, I wish to express our profound sorrow and grief for the tragic loss of life and suffering caused by yesterday's terrorist attacks. . . .>>Read the press release

Will the U.N. try to force Americans to fund slavery reparations to Africa?
WASHINGTON, DC -- An upcoming United Nations conference on racism is expected to demand massive financial reparations from Western nations for the “terrible exploitation” of slavery -- but the U.S. government should refuse to take money from taxpayers to pay for such historic misdeeds, the Libertarian Party said today. >>Read the press release

Unbelievable: EEOC forces airport security to hire foreign Arabs from terrorist nations
[November 28] WASHINGTON, DC -- If the U.S. government really wants to protect us from murderous terrorists, why did it force an airline security company to hire non-citizen Muslims from terrorism-friendly nations to operate airport metal detectors? >>Read the press release

Supreme Court on medical marijuana: AIDS & cancer patients can drop dead
WASHINGTON, DC -- The Supreme Court decision rejecting a "medical necessity" defense for medical marijuana users is a heartless assault on AIDS and cancer victims, the Libertarian Party charged today....>>Read the press release

Federal workers are in a credit card spending frenzy (and you're paying)
[August 20] WASHINGTON, DC -- Bad news for American taxpayers: Thousands of government employees have been going on credit-card shopping sprees, buying everything from pornography and vacations to jewelry and pet supplies -- and sending you the bill. >>Read the press release

The Big Lie behind Shays-Meehan, and the phony 'soft-money' crisis
[February 13] WASHINGTON, DC -- Anyone who believes that this week's House vote on a campaign finance bill is designed to curb the "obscene" amount of soft money in politics should consider this fact, Libertarians say: Americans spend 10 times as much money every year on potato chips as they do on soft money.>>Read the press release

Federal cash for faith-based charities is a dangerous "deal with the devil"
WASHINGTON, DC -- President George W. Bush's proposal to direct federal funds to faith-based organizations could destroy many of the virtues that make religious groups so successful at fighting poverty, the Libertarian ...>>Read the press release

Alert! New high-tech Sniffer lets police secretly test driver's breath for booze
WASHINGTON, DC -- A sneaky new high-tech device that allows police to analyze your breath for traces of alcohol without your knowledge or consent doesn't just violate the Fourth Amendment, warns the ...>>Read the press release


Roger's Big Day: Will He Be Indicted?


I don't want . . .


guncontrolwrks.jpg (6557 bytes)

"Often, the president will agree...with the National Rifle Association.

On this issue, he does not."

---Ari Fleischer, reacting to legislation introduced by Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) to reauthorize the so-called "assault weapons ban."



'Just the Facts' on Guns


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