On February 28, 2006, the West Covina Unified School District summarily took remedial action against the dissemination of 'Julie of the Wolves' based on the information that I provided herein...


For Immediate Release

February 7, 2006


Parental Advisory, Warning Labels and the 'State' of Public Education



On the last day of January, I received a call from my wife expressing her disgust over a description of rape in our twelve year-old daughters’ reading assignment.


Described by publisher HarperCollins as a “poignant love story,” Julie of the Wolves is the story of a married thirteen year-old Eskimo girl who is ‘accepted’ by a pack of arctic wolves whom she grows to love as if they were family.


Putting aside everything that might excite laughter by its absurdity, the aforementioned description by HarperCollins neglects to include this conversation found on page 102:



“You. You’re my wife.”


“Daniel, what’s wrong?”


“They’re laughing at me.  That’s what’s wrong.  They say, ‘Ha ha.  Dumb Daniel.  He’s got a wife and he can’t mate her.  Ha.’”


He pulled her to her feet and pressed his lips against her mouth.  She pulled away.


“We don’t have to,” she cried.


“They’re laughing,’ he repeated, and tore her dress from her shoulder.  She clutched it and pulled away.  Daniel grew angry.  He tripped her and followed her to the floor.  His lips curled back and his tongue touched her mouth.  Crushing her with his body, he twisted her down onto the floor.  He was as frightened as she.


The room spun, and grew blurry.  Daniel cursed, kicked violently, and lay still.  Suddenly he got to his feet and ran out of the house.  “Tomorrow, tomorrow I can, I can, can, can, ha ha,” he bleated piteously.


Julie rolled to her stomach and vomited.  Slowly she got to her feet.  “When fear seizes,” she whispered, “change what you are doing.  You are doing something wrong.”



The Principal left this voice message as a response to my revulsion:


“I still have obviously no objections to ‘Julie of the Wolves’ as a Newbery Award Winner as well as [being] approved by the California Board of Education.  And yes, while that may be a negative passage out of context, I think within the context of the book it definitely has its place…”


In what context can sexual assault be appropriate for a twelve year-old?  This from San Jose-Edison Academy Principal Denise Patton, who in November of 2004 told the San Gabriel Valley Tribune,  “Our first concern is the safety of all children.”


In a recent Wall Street Journal Op-Ed, Edison Schools CEO, Chris Whittle virtually pleaded for more Federal involvement in education.  Educational choice is dead on arrival if Whittle has his way.  In 1994, three pieces of legislation passed in Congress and were signed into law by then President Clinton.  These three bills were: (1) Goals 2000; (2) the School to Work Opportunities Act, and (3) the appropriations bill for most federal education programs (known as HR6).  The overall effect of the interconnected legislation meant that state and local governments would no longer determine education policy including the curriculum as the Tenth Amendment requires.


Specifically, the New Federal Curriculum would result in the diminution of national sovereignty, redefining natural rights, minimizing natural law, promoting environmentalism, requiring multiculturalism, restructuring [citizenship would mean ‘world citizenship’] government and redefining education as career training.


Julie of the Wolves has several times been challenged in the past quarter century in elementary and middle schools because of the book's description of rape and for what has been described as "socialist, communist, evolutionary, and anti-family themes."  The adults of the education establishment intentionally assaulted the innocence of my daughter.  I deserve an apology from Whittle, Patton and from the West Covina Unified Board of Education for this egregious assault against my family and our community with an assurance that this will never, ever happen again.



The Newest, Newbery Assault on the Innocence of Children


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