'The Market Street Meeting'


November 21, 2006, San Francisco, California


In October, I received electronic mail from Nick Austin of the Landscape Channel who had discovered my music “by accident” while in the process of planning “suitable music” for High Definition programming from “artists featured in the American New Age and instrumental music charts.”


He requested a meeting in San Francisco during the week of Thanksgiving, 2006 to, in his own words, “explain why I think you would be good for Landscape and Landscape would be good for you.”


Having previously planned to be in Lake Tahoe on other business on or about the same time, my itinerary was extended to include the ‘Market Street Meeting’ with the Chairman of Landscape TV, where an opportunity to consider music appropriate for the Landscape format could be discussed.


Having only recently become familiar with the business model of the pan-European Landscape Channel, I came prepared with music for consideration that did not include the composition that had initially attracted the Landscape Channel Chairman.


Upon my return to Los Angeles, I sent him the track that I had not arrived with, ‘Novus Ordo Seclorum,’ but not before adding several more hours in the studio for additional production that included newly written parts for cello, French horn and trumpet sections and additional electric guitar.  Again, from Nick Austin, Chairman of Landscape TV:


“…Production of HD content will start in the New Year.  This process is slow by music business standards as we try to match film to the feel of the music.  Due to your music not being standard Landscape programming, it may be some time before we actually get it into production.  I have put the CD you gave me into the library as there are several tracks that may get chosen in the course of time…”


"Many thanks for participating in our project and becoming a Landscape featured artist..."

---Nick Austin, Chairman, Landscape TV



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