Skull(s) and Bones


"It's so secret we can't talk about it."

---President Bush on Meet the Press, February 8, 2004


         MSNBC News

Found letter says Yale Club has Geronimo Skull

Discovery lends weight to ultra-secret Skull and Bones Society lore


Russert:  You were both in Skull and Bones, the [Yale] secret society.

President Bush:  It's so secret we can't talk about it.

Russert:  What does that mean for America?  The conspiracy theorists are going to go wild.

President Bush:  I'm sure they are.  I don't  know.  I haven't seen Web pages yet.  (Laughs) 

Russert:  Number 322.



A Nail in Their Coffin
by G. Richard Arnold
Research Director for Committee for the Investigation
of the Brotherhood of Death
Researched by Anthony J. Hilder & Dr. Harold C. Cranrig

The recent Universal film “Skulls” is a “nail in the coffin” of America’s most vicious
and vampirian secret society, the Skull and Bones. More information about this cryptic
fraternity will come out as a result of “Skulls” than has hitherto seen the light of day
over the past one hundred and sixty-eight years.

skull-19.gif (11724 bytes)

Much of America’s history and our contemporary life has been and is determined by
this goulish Orwellian Satanic Order. Skull and Bones has been referred to by New
Haven “insiders” for a hundred years as the “Brotherhood of Death”. After their
members abandon their individual selves they adopt a secret name. The Skull’s oath and
pledge is likened to The Devil and Daniel Webster where an individual trades his soul
for wealth and power.

The Brotherhood’s goal ... as President George Bush (Skull & Bones 1948) put it ... is to
bring about “A Thousand Points of Light ... under a New World Order. The
Millennium he was talking about begins January 1st 2001, the first day of the third
thousand years.

One word about the Skull and Bones “initiations”. They take place on the Campus of
Yale University in a building they call the Tomb. The recruits lay nude in a coffin while
they take their Satanic rituals. The book Proofs of a Conspiracy written in 1797 by John
Robison of Edinburgh University told of the Illuminati and how its name was derived
from the word Lucifer. Some of the rituals Robison described in his book are identical to
the Bush’s Skull and Bones fraternity which has been around since 1832. Robison was
murdered by the Masons.

The film Skulls correctly depicts the senior initiates laying nude in coffins during their
Satanic rituals. Both the Skull’s script and Dr. Antony Sutton’s book The Secret
Establishment documents the use of human remains by the Skulls (Skull & Bones) in
their cabalistic ceremony. It sounds so bizarre ... few would believe it unless dramatized
the “big picture” on forty foot screens all across the country.

Lee Rogers, who broadcasts out of San Francisco over KSFO’s morning show is one
who still can’t put the pieces together. When a caller made the comparison between the
fictional fraternity Skulls and the factual fraternity of George Bush he just couldn’t
believe it. Knowing nothing on the subject ... Rogers summarily discounted it, crying
“paranoia.” Too often people like Rogers with a big mouth and little knowledge about
the Illuminatti or anything else about conspiratorial politics defend their ignorance by
crying “Paranoia, rather than admitting they simply don’t know. Besides that the
invisible hand of the managed media has labeled it Politically Incorrect.

Rogers, like Rush Limbaugh, parrots the “counterfeit conservatives” line of lip. The
topic of conspiracy been “forbidden”. But now with the Internet, dozens of new books on
the New World Order and the Illiminati are supported by the film. The once secret
subject can no longer be contained. The public is now better informed than some of
these old talk hosts who try to squelch any conversation whatsoever about the “political
puppeteers” behind the scenes pulling the strings of Bush and Gore. They are either
afraid, ignorant or a party to “the big lie and the cover up.”

Rush Limbaugh has slept in the Whitehouse as the personal guest of Skull and Bones
Bush. He has been sailing with Skull and Bones “Brother” William Buckley on his
private yacht . Rush is buddy buddy with the boys from the Brotherhood of Death. It
would not surprise me if they asked Rush to join the CFR so they could claim it included
conservative members besides Buckley and Poppy Bush. Buckley and Bush are both
members of the Council on Foreign Relations, as are nine out of the ten key advisors to
George Bush Jr. The “sole exception” is Richard Armitage who is accused by General
Kun Sa, South East Asia’s leading producer of opium of having been the # 1 buyer of
his heroin in the world.

Don’t count on Rush or any of the other Pink Elephants to mention the Skull and
Bones, the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers or any other group from
the Illuminati’s Oligarchy of Evil that control the Country.

David Pappen, President of Harvard, warned Americans of the influence of the
Illuminatti. The Columbian Lodge of the Order in 1785 included Governor DeWitt
Clinton, and subsequently Charles Dana, Clinton Roosevelt and Horace Greeley.
George Washington in a letter to G. W. Snyder in 1798 wrote that the doctrine of the
Illuminati and the principles of Jacobinism had been spread to the United States. There
is no question about that.

In 1826 William Morgan, who passed through all the Masonic degrees, arranged with a
printer to publish an expose of what he knew of the Illuminati. Morgan was murdered!
Anti-Masonic parties soon formed and elected a number of people to office. Close to one
half of all Masons quit the Masonic religion. General Albert Pike, 33 degree,
Sovereign Grand Master of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Free Masonry
and co-founder of the Ku Klux Klan said, “the Masonic Religion should be , by all of
us initiates of the high degrees, maintained in the purity of the Luciferian doctrine.”
Pike went on to proclaim, ... “Yes Lucifer is God ...” ( Morals and Dogma, 1871)

After Morgan’s murder, the cabalistic core needed to retrench with more secrecy and
less “ordinary” people mucking things up. They wanted Illuminati elitists at the core of
the Evilarchy to “maintain the purity of the Luciferian doctrine.” It was then that the
German branch of the Brotherhood of Death was established at Yale by Alphonso Taft
and William Russell. The Skull and Bones began in 1832, fifty-six years after Adam
Weishaupt created the Order and Sect of the Illuminati on May First , 1776. Today the
“Faustian Fraternity” is run by the Russell Trust.

Under the insignia of the Skull and Bones are the numbers 322. One interpretation in Dr.
Sutton’s book is that ... “The Order is descended from a Greek fraternal society dating
back to Demosthenes in 322 B.C.. Bones records are dated by adding 322 to the current
year. For centuries the Skull and Bones has been used as “the flag” and insignia of
pirates, thieves, cut throats, and murders for centuries. When you pick up a bottle of
arsenic or any other deadly poison one sees the Skull and Cross Bones. But no poison or
toxic waste is as deadly and foul as the poison spewed from the Brotherhood of Death.
John Pogue’s picture “Skulls” clearly points out that their Faustian fraternity is totally
without morals or scruples and would not hesitate to murder its opposition if the need

Pogues didactic drama points out the “Skulls” Satanic Society has been responsible for
the creation of the Central Intelligence Agency and was successful in electing three
presidents. What it doesn’t say is that they are planning to elect a fourth “fellow” from
their fascist fraternity to usher in the “New Millennium” which begins on January 1st,
2001. His name is George Bush Junior. Pogues picture is based on fact, not fiction.
That’s what should scare the Hell out of you.

Esquire magazine published an article by Ron Rosenbaum in September 1977 entitled
The Last Secrets of Skull and Bones which further validates the fraternity ‘s Satanic
nature. Dr. Antony Sutton comments that the article ... “completely misses the
historical significance of Skull and Bones, although is an excellent source of lurid
details and the mumbo-jumbo rites.” What is particularly significant about Rosenbaum’s
piece are the comments made by a group of students who broke into the tomb and
discovered that one room had nothing but Nazi paraphernalia . That stands to reason, as
Prescott Sheldon Bush (George Bush Jr’s grandfather) and W. Averell Harriman
were both stanch supporters of Adolf Hitler.

Harriman and Bush were more than just partners in the support of the Fuherer. They
were both members of the Skull and Bones. In fact Averell’s brother E. Roland
Harriman (Skull and Bones 1917) was a director of Union Banking Corporation of
New York which was a major money source in underwriting Hitler’s Holocaust. The gas
bills alone were enormous. Two of the Union Bank’s directors Groninger and
Kouwenhoven, were Nazi directors of the Bank voor Handel en Scheepvaart, formerly
the von Heydt Bank. In the book Hitler’s Secret Backer they identify Von Heydt as the
intermediary between Guaranty Trust and Adolf Hitler. Union Bank was a joint
Thyssen/Harriman operation.

Fritz Thyssen was happy with Hitler, he even wrote a piece entitled I Paid Hitler. Fritz
was proud of it. He stood up in 1932 after Hitler addressed the Dussedorf Industrial
Club and shouted “ Heil Herr Hitler.” Enough said? Out of the eight directors of
Thyssen’s bank in New York six were either Nazis or members of the Skull and Bones.
The book Hitler’s Secret Backers admits that the major overseas conduit for the
backing of the Nazi movement came from Skull & Bones cell D115.

In the 1920’s Skull & Bonesman W. Averell Harriman had been a participant in
Ruskobank the first Communist Commercial bank, as well. President George Bush,
son of Senator Prescott Bush who was Harriman’s partner, was the first unofficial
Ambassador to Communist China. Bush and Winston Lord, another member of the
Brotherhood of Death courted Mao Tse-tung and paved the way for the build up of
America’s arch enemy Communist China.

In an article about Yale’s elitist fraternity author Duncan Maxwell Anderson describes
how the Skull & Bones founder, William H. Russell, had gone to Germany “with
members of a university fraternity that had ties to a radical Masonic group called the
Barvarian Illuminati.” Los Angeles Times Service June7, 1987

*Constance Cumbey in The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow also credits the Skull and
Bones for both the growth and formation of Nazism. Cumby, according to Dr. Antony
Sutton, links “Benjamin Creme and the Tara Center” to Unity and the Unitarian
Church. Former President William Taft’s father co-founded the Skull & Bones with
William Russell.

*Note from the Webmaster:

I received the following correspondence from Constance E. Cumbey:

I am Constance E. Cumbey, the author of THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW: The New Age Movement and our Coming Age of Barbarism. (Lafayette, LA: Huntington House Publishers, 1983).

My book made no mention of the Skull and Bones Society. I did note that Benjamin Creme had spoken at many Unity and Unitarian churches. I did discuss the occult origins of Nazism; however, I did not mention the Skull and Bones Society, having lacked then and now sufficient information to say yea or nay about their activities. The work on Skull and Bones Society and the claims about it were made, to the best of my knowledge by Anthony Sutton. While he himself made links between them and Nazism based on extrapolations from my work, as I recall my reading of his books, he did not credit me as being the source of what I believe to be his own conclusions based on his own original work."

Thanking you for your anticipated cooperation, I remain


Attorney at Law and

Benjamin Creme is the spokesman for Lord Maitraya whom he touts as the New Age
Christ, who is according to that Liberal loony coming to save us all from ourselves.
Creme, says that Maitraya has been around for centuries and has been the spiritual
guide to such personalities as Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, and Mao Tse-tung and those
are just the good guys.

Alphonso Taft, another “Bonesman” of the Brotherhood of Death was president of the
Unitarian Association. Dr. Armand Hammer whose father founded the American
Communist party was a member of the Santa Monica Unitarian Church. President
Taft was a member of the Brotherhood of Death as well. In Skull’s opening credits they
state that three Presidents were members of their Faustian fraternity.

How have these Orwellian elitists been able to gain control over our country? Through
various tax exempt foundations members of the Brotherhood of Death have been able to
hijack legitimate institutions and direct their money and supportive policies toward
promotion and the acceptance of World Government and an ultra Leftist domestic policy.

Through national magazines like Time, Life and Fortune, (founded by the late Henry
Luce, who was a key member of the Skull and Bones) they were able to change the
course and direction of over half the nations on earth whose populations number over
three billion. This is in spite of the fact that their primary players number only in the
hundreds. Just as a few tiny tug boats can manipulate a ship several thousands times its
size. On the international scale they groom whole peoples to fight and die as
nonchalantly as some people raise roosters for their ultimate bloody death in a cock fight.

The once suppressed book Tragedy and Hope (A History of the World in Our Time)
by Dr. Carroll Quigley cites many examples of how these Illuminazis succeed. This rare
glimpse into how the country works was first published in 1966 and was immediately
suppressed until reprinted outside the country. Much of America’s loss of political
naiveté amongst the legitimate right is the result of Quigley’s revelations. The book is
not a theory or argument for an issue or a side ... it is simply a history as how things are,
not as we have been taught to believe. It is about America’s establishment elite, the
Evilarchy - much of which is made up of Skull and Bones. That is reason Universal’s
picture “The Skulls” is so significant. It depicts the Demonic influence which explains
their Nazi like nature.

The kings, the clergy, the banksters and their benefactors through recorded time have
clung to their power like their life depended on it. And it does. They, like the Skull and
Bones Fraternity employed most of Machevelli’s suggestions contained in his book The
Prince. It explained how to gain and maintain power and keep all opposition oppressed
by the state. The Skull and Bones boys and their Bankster Backers have the
Machevellian mind set. They support the intimidation, incarceration or elimination of
all opposition. Like John D. Rockefeller said, “Competition is a sin.” The only
opposition they allow is “controlled” as is the case in the American political arena. There
is no way they are going to voluntarily allow the people to have a free election. This is
where the Democratic and Republican Party is controlled from the top.

How was the Illuminati first discovered? A courier, who was to deliver important
Illuminati papers to Frankfurt was struck by a bolt of lighting while riding in the rain.
The documents, left intact on his smoldering body were found by the Bavarian Police.
The authorities then raided the Illuminati headquarters and found “mountains of evidence
showing the Satanic nature of Illuminism” and “their plans” to overthrow the nations of
Europe. On October 11th, 1785 an Inquiry was held in which four Illuminists testified.
The Bavarian government published their report called Original Writings of the Order
and Sect of the Illuminati which is held in the Louvre Museum in Paris.

The word Illuminati is derived from the word Lucifer. Members of the Skull and
Bones think of themselves as “the enlightened ones” blessed by the light of Lucifer.
They consider themselves superior to the lowly American masses to whom they sell their
psychological swill and prey upon. The 11th edition of the Encyclopedia Brittanica
tells us that their Illuminati was divided into three main classes, the second consisting of
“ordinary” freemasons and “Scottish Knights.”

It shouldn’t come as surprise to anyone who understands the conspiratorial nature of
these Matluthisan minded men, that they consider Blacks, Browns, Orientals to be
“useless eaters”. The Illuminati’s game plan is to reduce the population of the planet by
as much as 80 percent. This means that four out of five people that now inhabit the Earth
would have to be eliminated though inoculation, genetic engineering, poisoning, and

The Biosphere’s, National Parks, and Sanctuaries that are being created by “their”
environmentalists are not for the benefit of the people but rather to create exclusive areas
for the Illuminati elite. For example, the Presidio in San Francisco is not for the people of
the United States but for Gorbachev, the butcher of Afghanistan. Remember, he had the
Soviet military drop miniature bombs disguised as toys for the Afghan children to play
with over the holidays. Gorbi murdered millions and San Francisco’s Presidio is his

The movie Skulls is a smash hit. It will be in the video stores within months. Be
prepared. It must be used as a tool against their tyranny. It exposes the malignant mindset
amongst these murderous men. For America to free itself from the yoke of the Illuminazi
elite Americans must understand that there is a conspiracy to rule the world. Americans
must understand who is in charge of their institutions who ultimately make the decisions
as who is to live and who is to die.

We are making available Who’s Who of the Elite by Robert Gaylon Ross, Sr. to our
readers. It includes the membership lists of the Council on Foreign Relations, the
Trilateral Commission, The Committee of Three Hundred, The Bilderbergers and The
Skull and Bones. So you can understand who the players are. More importantly you need
to understand their plan to plunder the planet.

Dr. Antony Sutton lived next door to me during the early 80’s. He had documented and
published several books showing how “Wall Street” was instrumental in the Rise of
Hitler. In fact, he wrote a book about it by that name Wall Street and the Rise of
Hitler. At that time Sutton was preparing an update of his book National Suicide . It
identified the massive number of Soviet ships that were built in the West. I remember
him telling me he received a mysterious box of material with frequent references to
George Bush who had just been appointed Vice President of the United States by Ronald

The membership lists of the several Secret Societies, from their very beginnings were
amongst Sutton’s papers. We duplicated them. Unbeknownst to a family member, I
stored a complete set of the documents in their garage for a number of years, as a safety
precaution. Such safety measures are no longer necessary .. the lists are now published in
such books as the one by Robert Gaylon Ross in his book Who’s Who of the Elite, ... the
proverbial cats are now out of the bag. And the Brotherhood of Death is about to meet its
toughest challenge EXPOSURE through which it will die. Like count Dracula they can’t
live in the light of day.

You need to purchase Dr. Sutton’s America’s Secret Establishment and underline and
highlight what you learn. You need to teach your friends and family the truth. It is
necessary that you understand that “they” intend to kill, control, and incarcerate you.
They will not deviate from their master plan . If they are to be stopped it must be by you.
They have every intention of continuing to control the elections. It doesn’t matter if
Bush, from the Skull and Bones, or Gore, who seeks “global Government” won. Either
way they would be victorious. It’s heads they win tails we lose. At the National Level the
Republican and Democratic Party are controlled by the same gang of Globalists. Only the
names are changed to protect the guilty.

These criminal “conspirators” are entrenched in positions of power. They possess
enormous wealth, as “Skulls” points out in Universal’s picture. You need really know the
real players in their International Game of Chess if you are to survive. Most people
have been suckered into thinking we have a legitimate two party system. We do not. We
have suffered under decades of deceit. Take a look at Pink Elephants on the
FREEWORLDALLIANCE.COM website to get the rest of the story!

Bonesman, William Buckley from the Brotherhood of Death has conned conservatives
for half a century. William Buckley is a Bilderberger, & CFR member. He supports
NAFTA, GATT and trade with Communist China. He helped pave the “payaway” of
the Panama Canal. He and other CONservatives, like Bush are members of Yale’s
cabalistic cartel. Don’t be conned, Buckley’s enterprises include National Review, with
which he cons conservatives, into supporting global causes.

I have one request ... After you have informed yourself and the reasoning members of
your family and friends about the Skull and Bones ... track the members who are active
in your section of the Country. We will furnish you some names from the membership
list of the secret society at Yale. There are thirty or forty families who’s offspring are
being prepared to occupy important positions such as in politics that need to be
reviewed. Politically they need to be stripped naked and their masks of moderation
pulled off to expose their diabolical plans to strip this country of its Sovereignty, Liberty
and Honor.

We will give you five or ten names upon request. Then have you research their
biographies so as to take them into account. When we know where they live, what they
do and understand what they have done we can take them from positions of power. Our
goal is to “exorcise” this Evilarchy from the American body politic.

Mormons with access to genealogy libraries can be of great assistance if they so desire.
they can identify the root and branches of their family fraternity. Dr. Sutton has estimated
that 65 to75 % of the members appear not to “overtly” be in the “game.” But we may be
missing important parts of the political.

It ‘s likely one of their fraternity’s family forwarded the mysterious box of “secret
papers” to Sutton that resulted in his magnum opus America’s Secret Establishment . It
is individual action by “individuals unknown” like that, that can make the difference in
winning this war. and win it we will together.

The Brotherhood of Death is only “one” of the recruiting vehicles. It is tangible,
provable, and a mother lode for uncovering much more. You and I can change the course
of history provided that we accelerate the exposure faster than they can cover it up. .
Let’s Nail this Evilarchy in their Coffin and bury it forever with other toxic waste.

We highly recommend the Volcanic video tape ... Millennium 2000 with Anthony J.
Hilder and Jordan Maxwell and Terry Cook. It gives you “The Big Picture” @ $34.00
which includes postage and handling. The book Who’s Who of the Elite sells for $26.00
(including Postage and Handling). Separately they would cost $60.00 But should you
decide to order both at the same time the Alliance has arranged for you to get will both
for $48.00 And that is a deal. Send cash, check or money order to:

P.O. Box 1122
Malibu, CA 90265

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