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Saturday, July 13, 2013...



Our Grand Re-Opening

Listen to Our 'Grand Re-Opening' Ads

Mr. Faegre.  Tear Down This Wall 1

Mr. Faegre.  Tear Down This Wall 2

Mr. Faegre.  Tear Down This Wall 3

Mr. Faegre.  Tear Down This Wall 4

Mr. Faegre.  Tear Down This Wall 5





On Top Of a Cloud, LLC Acquires 20% Equity Stake in Lake Tahoe's KTHO

Read the Press Release >>>

KTHO Radio Enters Partnership with Coyote Grill Owner

Elaine Goodman / Tahoe Business Monitor

A Brief Broadcast History of Lake Tahoe's KTHO: KXTV-10 Sacramento



'Tail Twistin' Trivia' Breakfast for Two...

Tail Twistin' Trivia Voiceover

Deirdre pauses during the 'voiceover' for our new 15 second 'lead in' breakfast ...giveaway promotion on K-Tahoe's 'Weekday Wake-up.'

'Tail Twister Trivia'
Segment Clip

...segment and promotional clips are underscored by an edit of her first composition, 'Shining In My Hair,' KTHO is 'Local Talk and Classic Rock' AM 590 and 96.1 FM....

'Tail Twister Trivia'
Promotional Clip

Our 'Tail Twister Trivia' Winners are...

Smokin' Jo O, John Rappaport, Lynn Spiker, Conner Genera, Pam Pugh, Robin Smith, Amy Brian, Tony D'Andrea, Skylar Penna, Dean Cutler, Carol Olivas, Martin Ramon, Lauren Simms, Chris Kotarski, Steve Kirkpatrick, Patrick Riley, Julie Mad Maggie Roulain of the 'Derby Dames,' Matthew White, Diane Weidman, Jenny Lane, Aimie Collingsworth, Matt Dillon, Ed Rickabono, Shawn Murchison, Ray Hindrickson, Robin Parker, Mary Ann Bartley, Robert Kemper, Mike Peron, Jack Lopez, Brad Parker, Rusty Scovel, Vern Parker, Michael Medina, Rowena Pegg, David Eldridge, Daniel Hutchinson, Troy Sweeney, Yvette Lewis, Doug Cichowicz, Gina Beal, Norma Chacon, Katherine Borges, Siobhan Loundes, Todd Benton, Julie Gandolf, Andrea Thompson, Tori Keith, Candy Clymer, Jim Stahl, Jennifer Brackett, Julie Sherwood, Lanell Pasvampis, Rick Jacobs, Jan Birch, Beckie Moreno, Alan Maldondo, Katie O'Brien, Gene Rose and Michaela Mattson...







Listen to Our Radio Commercials on KTHO Radio, AM 590 and 96.1 FM, Lake Tahoe

Friday Night Lights Featuring the Double Trouble Sports Bash

Breakfast Testimonial with Carl

Breakfast Testimonial with Sandy



Listen to Our Radio Commercials on ESPN Radio, 1450 AM KHIT, Reno, Nevada

Promo 1: Monday Night Football With Serena

Promo 2: Monday Night Football at the Coyote Grill



Listen to a Recent Radio Spot on KRLT, 93 9 FM and AM 1490 KOWL

Listen to Previous Radio Spots:



Now Serving:

Blind Dog Coffee




'Dollar Bill' and 'Wally the Whale'


'Bill and Wally' and Serena 'Live' at the Coyote Grill for Monday Night Football

The Double Trouble Sports Bash

If you are in the Lake Tahoe Basin or are around your PC or internet-capable mobile device and are so inclined, 'The Double Trouble Sports Bash' with veteran ESPN sports handicapper Tom Barton and well-known sportscaster Fred Wallin from Los Angeles, debut on KTHO, Thursday from 4:00-5:00 PM.

Your Entertaining Alternative to Fox Sports

Listen to Previous Radio Spots:



Serving Breakfast 7 Days

7:00 - 11:00 AM Weekdays

Weekend Hours 7:30 - 11:30 AM




Born at 9:15 PM on September 9, 2011 following a 12 hour labor; 20 inches longnd weighing 8 lbs--Asia and Kian visit the Coyote Grill for Super Bowl XLVI...
 and weighing 8 lbs--Asia and Kian visit the Coyote Grill for Super Bowl XLVI...



"One of my favorite Places..."

Howie Nave, Howie's Morning Rush, KRLT, 93-9, The Lake



Howie, Out in the Cold

Listen to Howie's Morning Rush on KRLT, 93.9 The Lake for a chance to win breakfast for two...

And Our Winners Are...


And Our Winners Are...

Brett Barrett, Teresa Ortega, Cheryl Rossell, Patricia Peters, Chad Shortridge, Dayton Hursh, Amber Brown, Karen Herrington, Pamela Calarruda, Mario Franks, Brandi Tuttle, Krissy Tylanda, Steve Kaufman, Jennifer Crosby, Nate Shattuck, Jennifer Winters, Josh Flaherty, Christine Cabrera, Sue Rasmussen, Renee Winters, Jennette Haman, Ken Ward, Crystal Strauss, Carol Christenson, Steve Buttling, Lucy Valorosi, Don Paroski, Ginger Davis, Emmy Rowe, Phil Brown, Randy Suela, Tony Adam, Veronica Vilaseca, Inez Richards, Ian Blowney, Lee Ganje, Normon Nold, James Langley, Drew Morotti, Marianne Clark, David Larson, Linda Bertinelli, Paul Romero, from the Bay Area, Creston Fincher, Wendy Warswick, Sara Lillard, Jason Collin, Steve McBride, Willie Shamus, Fernando Rojas, Chris Kozlik, schoolteacher Mrs. Rice former Mayor, Margo Osti, Jean Martinez, David Likes, Joshua Barnes, Jimmy Carr, Leine Cass, Fernando Rojas, Josh Shindelbower, Denise Rodriguez, Dennis Thorne, Lucy Valoros, Michael Mcaninch, Albert Ochoa, DJ Perkins, Kris Hunting, Willie Shamus, Jon Passau, Mary Kern, Mary Vasquez, Sara Peredez, Blake Shaman, Jenny Dalton, John Valorosi, Dawson Shamas, Michael McAninch, Larry 'Lorenzo' Anderson, Amy & Tim Rice, Ernie Martinez, Sharon Holland, Michelle Weathersby, Kathy Matrineau, Niles Davis, Jody Filgo, Suzie Rust, Steve Brisbois, Dan Gill, Alec 'Rusty' Griswald, Casey Buckley, Julie Tenner, Larry Anderson, Darcy Albino, Dempsey Burtraw, Chris Kotarsky, Joe Frost, Ronnie Dobbs, Tracy Smothers, Brett Freitag, Jim Tollens, Lowell Hinkle, Greg Brand, Marc Bugg, Aviline Tyler, Lori Thomaselli, Carol Ambrey, Brandon Canfield, Anna Bancha, Crystall Strauss, George Thompson, Frank Bishop, Jerry Frye, Trino Sandoval, Lance Gatien, Susie Belser, Jenny Lane, Bobbi Cole, Lina Wilson, Sue Dennon, Kevin Cole, Bill O'Malley, Jennifer Healy, Kurk Leonard, Kelley Welykholuwa, Ken Gerrard, Barbara Knight, Loreen AKA 'The Mushroom Lady,' Denise Gardner, Jennifer King, Stan Griffin, Trish McAnninch, Aviline Tyler, Julie Schlaffer, Georg May, Jim Stahl, Mike Montalbano, Mike McAnninch, Luciita Martin, Judy Kim, Patrick Frega, Lowell Hinkle, Benny Megusfy, Steve Lindgren from King's Beach, Ryan Curry, Janet Field, Nicole Stein, Teri Jack, and Nicole Johnson, Brad Sherman, Laura Fraely, Debbie Shipp, Melissa Zimmerman, Shanja Lanz, Jesse Ramos, Kiwi Steve, Sharon Holland, Skeeter, Gary Frega, Patty Acri, Laurie Ryden, Jennifer Truscott, Deanna Thompson, Candy Clymer, Allen Rutledge, Jim Stahl, Ryan Bennett, Melanie Atkinson, Chad Eads, Kimberly Curtiss, Chelsea Slaherty, Debbie Freges, Chuck Gonzales, Tess Woodsworth, Mark Johnson, Fred Russo, Kathy Martineau, Keith Waterman, Buck Buxton, 'Super Mario,' Wren Buxton, Chris Batory, Yvette McCarthy, John Haadad and Vicky Kaleta...



Our First Breakfast Customers...

"Hi Leland.  Here's the photo from breakfast yesterday - we're proud we were your first breakfast customers!  We'll see you next year!"

---Edgar, Josh and Dan




Deirdre with Dorothy Hamill at the South Lake Tahoe Ice Arena





Coyote Grill Brings 'Alex Jones Show'
to Lake Tahoe
 Weekdays Noon to 2:00





Coyote Grill Sponsorship of 'Sierra House Weather Kids'

Sponsor of the Sierra House Weather Kids on KRLT FM, 939, The Lake

Listen to Deirdre's 'Intro' to the 'Weather Kids' Segment




Our First Anniversary

Special thanks to Tom Gallatin




Coyote Grill at the College

Coyote Grill at the Kokanee Cafe


Ask Us About

Coyote Catering from Los Osos




The Coyote Grill, Deirdre and Max Baer Jr...




Having lots of 'flan...'

Left to Right: Server, Aleksandra Szwabo, Theresa, Myself, Gloria, Chris and Ricardo



The 3rd Annual Tahoe Douglas Rotary Chili Cook-Off at Montbleu, June 12, 2010




'Tahoe's Biggest Loser'


Tahoe's Biggest Loser Part One: 'I Need a Sign...'

Tahoe's Biggest Loser Part Two: 'I'm a Loser...'

Tahoe's Biggest Loser Part Three: 'The Best Place to Hang, Nevada Side...'

'I Need a Sign...'

'I'm a Loser...'

'Best Place to Hang...'


Ryan Blackwell became 'Tahoe's Biggest Loser' losing 61 pounds in the 12 weeks-long 'Balance Fitness Challenge.' In second place was Brandi Bannister losing an impressive 11% of body weight.  'Tahoe's Biggest Loser,' modeled after NBC's reality television show that highlights contestants on their weight loss journey and sponsored by Balance Fitness, Coyote Grill, Montbleu, State Farm, Overland Meat Company, Sessions Salon and Jamba Juice culminated in an awards celebration and live remote broadcast via Steve Harness and KRLT, 93.9, 'The Lake' at the Coyote Grill, May 15, 2010.



Howie and I enjoying breakfast [Strawberry Crepes and Mexican Omelette] from the Coyote Grill in the studio prior to my segment on 'Howies' Morning Rush' on KRLT, 93.9, The Lake


Hangin' With Howie



"The Best Place to Hang, Nevada Side..."





Happy Hour 3-6 Seven Days a Week




Left to Right: Brandi Ledbetter formerly of RSN Television, Howie Nave from KRLT FM, Deirdre and Theresa at the Tahoe Chamber of Commerce Business Expo at Harvey's Casino, Friday, March 5, 2010




Deirdre in the Air...







Is that Max Baer Jr.?






Deirdre Records a 'Voice-Over' for a Coyote Grill Commercial at KRLT FM and KOWL AM.  Coyote Grill radio ads include an edited underscore of her first single, 'Shining In My Hair...'



Free Wi Fi Available



Happy Hour 3-6 Seven Days a Week



See Our Lunch and Dinner Menu

Call 775.586.1822 for pricing...





'Odyssey of the Mind' kids Darcy Daly and Zoe Greco at the Charity Chili Thursday event May 13, 2010




St. Patrick's Day






REAL HERO: Shaun Thomas, Unsung Hero

3 decades of search and rescue service

Someone 2 Know

The Adults' Community Hero for 2010

My Mechanic [and Coyote Grill Customer] and former 'Citizen of the Year'

Douglas County Search & Rescue Operations Leader Shaun Thomas was named citizen of the year [2010] by The Record-Courier and the Carson Valley Chamber of Commerce.  Read the Story...



Wirtz Beverage Company 'Tequila Tasting' Party

at the Coyote Grill

...And 'Sweet Sixteen' Party for Deirdre




Around 5:45 p.m. on Thursday, Douglas County Sheriff's deputies responded to Coyote Grill in Zephyr Cove after owner Leland Faegre reported receiving a phone call where someone tried to bilk the business out of $500...

  09/10/2009 5.45pm



FPA Capitalís Bob Rodriguez SaysEconomic Meltdown Looming:

 AdvisorOne Interview

Legendary money manager [and Coyote Grill patron] says the U.S. has seven months to implement significant budgetary reductions or face tipping point...






Deirdre sits down with KRLT FM's radio personality, George Alm on a live remote from the Horizon Casino Resort for the promotion of 'Carnival Cabaret,' Lake Tahoe's longest running show.  Deirdre's endearing first single, 'Shining In My Hair' underscores the Coyote Grill radio ad campaign running on KRLT FM and its sister station, KOWL AM and she also performs the 'voice over' for the radio spots.




2nd Annual Great Lake Tahoe Chili Cookoff and Lake in the Sky Air Show



And a Special Thanks to Weekday Cook, Jorge Gonzalez


"...Mine has a tail."

---Howie Nave, Howies' Morning Rush, 93.9 KRLT-FM, The Lake


"I loved that part of it [Jorge's Presentation of the Chili] and thought it was very unique too! Now I remember the taste because of the visual thanks."

---Howie Nave, Howies' Morning Rush, 93 9 KRLT-FM, The Lake



Deirdre Performs at the Annual General Electric Corporate Picnic, August 1, 2009 in Carson City, Nevada


Taco Tuesdays

$3.49 Steak, Chicken or Pork

$4.49 Ahi, Halibut or Shrimp


"The best burrito in town or anywhere else for that matter!"

Jerry & Yulie, Stateline, Nevada

"The pork tacos are the most amazing I have ever tasted!!!"

Denise Toffey, Cotati, California

Merchant Ratings

Great Food!

"I work near the Coyote Grill and eat there at least 3 times a week.  The food is excellent and the staff is friendly."




Deirdre with Max [Jethro of The Beverly Hillbillies] Baer Jr. at Lake Tahoe's Kahle Community Center, Stateline, Nevada



Lake Tahoe South Shore Chamber of Commerce changed its logo to the one above as part of a rebranding effort.



212 Elks Point Road, Suite 101

Round Hill Square  | Next to Safeway  |

Zephyr Cove, Nevada  89448




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