Deirdre's newly re-released follow-up single, 'In My Eyes' has been placed in a short film entitled, 'Indian Hill,' about a 12 year old boy and his friends growing up in suburban Portland, Connecticut, circa 1975.  A neighborhood coming of age story about the challenge of conquering 'Indian Hill Road' on a bicycle; a feat that separates the “little kids” from the “big kids” in their neighborhood to be released in January...


In My Eyes

Words and Music by Deirdre Leah Faegre


The "Indian Hill" Trailer

Indian Hill Director's Notes

Brandi Welcomes Deirdre to 'Tahoe Tonight...'

FOX 61 Indian Hill Premiere Interview


The Trailer

Director's Notes

Deirdre on RSN TV

Jack on FOX


The Premiere of 'Indian Hill': Scenes From Connecticut, Part 1

The Premiere of 'Indian Hill': Scenes From Connecticut, Part 2

The Premiere of 'Indian Hill': Scenes From Connecticut, Part 3

The Premiere of 'Indian Hill': Scenes From Connecticut, Part 4


Scenes from CT PT 1

Scenes from CT PT 2

Scenes from CT PT 3

Scenes from CT PT 4




Images from Recording Sessions at Cloverland Studios, North Hollywood; In Fidelity Recordings, Los Angeles;  Collinator Studios, West LA and On Top Of a Cloud, Lake Tahoe


Description: My recorded heartbeat from a sonogram is heard in the intro as my arranger-producer dad wanted to convey the very special interest he had in my arrival even half-way through gestation by recording my heart with a handheld cassette recorder in a physicians office.

With the first piano motif begins a ‘dialogue’ with my dad [on the outside] with his piano part answering. A ‘conversation’ develops between us in this way until the moment of birth itself as the production gives way to cellos, cymbal dynamics and a French horn section that enjoin the piano representing the ‘trauma’ of emerging from the womb and its resolution which quickly follows.

At this point, a pop ensemble of drums, bass, guitars and two sections of violins displaying the bowing techniques of spiccato and pizzicato accompany the lyrical verses and choruses of the song structure until the bridge, where backwards lead guitar dynamically punctuate the lyrical lament.

The chorus returns which gives way to a free-style section of production evocative of the psychedelia of the late ‘60’s with tamboura, dulcimer, McCartneyesque bass guitar part and an ‘I Am The Walrus’ cello section which sets up the outro with a IV of IV chord transition to the song’s conclusion.


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Brandi Ledbetter Welcomes Deirdre to RSN TV's 'Tahoe Tonight'

'Tahoe Tonight' host Brandi Ledbetter welcomes Deirdre to Lake Tahoe's top rated evening show February 2nd, 2009. Deirdre perfoms Joni Mitchell's 'Woodstock' and is interviewed afterward about her favorite musical influence, her newly re-released follow-up single, 'In My Eyes' which has been placed in a short film written and directed by Jack Kearney of [The JAX Company Film Production Group LLC] entitled, 'Indian Hill,' Jimmy Kimmel and her 'Cartwheel Heard 'Round the World...' RSN TV Channel 12 is your guide to all the exciting events happening around the lake...



"I really loved the songs in the movie...The musicians were just awesome...I can’t thank you enough for...your song(s) in the film, and I hope to work with you all again..."

---Jack Kearney, Writer and Director of 'Indian Hill'


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Words and Music by

Piano and Vocals by Deirdre Leah Faegre; Arranged by Deirdre Leah Faegre

Arranged, Orchestrated and Produced by Leland Thomas Faegre

All Guitars, Drums and Percussion by Leland Thomas Faegre

Original Session Arrangements, Production and Engineering by Leland Thomas Faegre at On Top Of a Cloud, Los Angeles; Additional Recording and Session Engineering by Billy Sullivan at Cloverland Studios, North Hollywood; Engineered and Mastered by David Scharf at In Fidelity Recordings, Los Angeles; Additional Recording at On Top Of a Cloud, Lake Tahoe and Engineering by Paul Grove at Summit Audio, Carson City, Nevada

From the Short Film, 'Indian Hill.'




'In My Eyes' Original Release Date: 6/3/2007

Professional Reviews

"Another beautiful song!  A strong lyric my opinion, you are the best artist for these singer-songwriter or Classic Pop style[s].  Thanks for letting me hear your beautiful songs.  I wish you the best of luck and look forward to hearing more..."

---Taxi, September, 2007

"This song has so many great elements. Fantastic catchy hook with beautiful lyrics and great musical ideas..."

---Taxi, April 21, 2008

"These are both great songs from a talented artist, with beautiful melodies and strong, catchy hooks..."

---Taxi, April 21, 2008

"...very strong vocals...nicely produced...intro is really cool.  Good musicianship--great playing. Vocals are more powerful and passionate on this track..."

---Taxi, April 21, 2008

"You're quite expressive. You have a cool style and sound going as well. I do hear the influence of the Beatles in both your music and writing. Nice flair with melody as well."

---Taxi, July 7, 2008

"What impresses me is that you reach for vivid imagery in your lyrics...You're quite expressive. You have a cool style and sound going as well..."

---Taxi, July 7, 2008

"This music is very unique and has very strong artistic identity! Sounds very tailored to you as an artist. I like the vocal performances a lot and I also really like the orchestral flair and arrangements...This music has an "Indie Pop" quality and also a "retro Pop" quality, but the voice keeps it sounding more fresh...and I certainly hear a potent artist emerging here..."

---Taxi, March 17, 2009

"...The music here is great...Very accomplished, well made, beautiful in fact..."

---Taxi, April 24, 2009

"You have a lovely voice and a really unique melodic/lyric sense.  From an artist standpoint (i.e. you writing songs for you to sing), this song feels like it's a very genuine fit for your voice/tone.  What a beautiful talent you are!  There are many interesting things happening melodically and musically...These are very pretty songs with a really unique approach - from an artistic level, I appreciate that creativity very much!  I really enjoyed listening to this material - both the performance and the songs themselves. I will be paying attention to where you go from here... " :)

---Taxi, May 1, /2009

"The lyrics express a heartfelt sentiment.  Great job giving the chorus a sense of release and a dynamic shift in gears. The chord progression is well-crafted, with natural transitions between sections. The mood conjured by the music is a good fit for the emotional tone of the words.  The musicianship is consistently impressive, and there is lots of tasty playing here. In particular, you create some great lush textures with the string orchestration."

---Taxi, August 14, 2009

"...your songs have a nice vibe and feature good musical and melodic parts plus some memorable hooks. The musicianship is capable, fluid and fitting and the production sounds good..."

---Taxi, August 31, 2009



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AudioSparx: Female Pop: Volume One


    "An American Hero..."

---Jimmy Kimmel, November 12, 2004

AudioSparx has announced the inclusion of Deirdre Leah Faegre's irresistable, 'Shining In My Hair' on its Female Pop Volume 1 compilation CD. A published singer/songwriter at thirteen, the worldwide release of her beautifully innocent, 'Shining In My Hair,' appearing on an artist compilation CD from AudioSparx entitled, Female Pop - Volume 1, came only 9 months following its debut in Summer, 2006.

A collection of female-vocal pop music with a flair, including pop, soft pop, alt pop and Lillith Fair-styled pop music tracks, 'Shining In My Hair' stands out as an endearingly attractive statement of youthful wonder and love of life. Deirdre's follow-up single, 'In My Eyes' is expected to be released, April 26, 2007...



Female-vocal pop music with a flair, including pop, soft pop, alt pop and Lillith Fair-styled pop music tracks



Female Pop

Volume 1

Download this entire collection for only $124.95

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  Deirdre with best friends and family dining at Benihana's following the announcement from





"We're based in the Highlands and putting the unity in '.com'"





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