'Pipes of Peace'

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For God's Sake...'



"...Thirdly there were the Irish who never knew what they wanted but were willing to fight for it anyway..."

---British Isles Ancestry



Arranged, Produced and Written


Leland Thomas Faegre



"When terrorists attack American interests, Clinton responds by crushing them.  When it comes to Northern Ireland, terrorists and their representatives are treated very differently.  They are wined and dined and invited to the White House.  Now he is telling us the people who terrorised this country for the past 30 years should be part of its government.  It is obscene...Clinton is a complete hypocrite."

---William McCrea, former MP Mid-Ulster

The Sunday Times, August 30, 1998


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Published by OnTopOfaCloud

Engineered by: J. Brandon Parrott at Cavebear Productions & Michael French at 20/20 Productions

Engineered and Mastered by Patrick Collins at Collinator Studios


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And now heard by over 2 million listeners through the internet and a hugely popular satellite station on British Sky channel 0155...



"...most unique...I thought it was wonderful how you were able to keep that pipes' drone going through all those chord changes.  This piece really conjures up visuals and creates a palpable mood.  Very good!"

---Taxi, January 21, 2005


"WOW, this is an amazing piece of music!! I thought I was seeing Paul McCartney's making of his 1983 album Pipes of Peace and got this. I thought I was looking at McCartney on the drum track! I saw this video and thought I was looking at Paul McCartney's 1983 "Pipes Of Peace" LP in the making and got this amazing peace of music...!!!! What is this song, who does it and who is playing that amazing drum track overdub...I have been stunned by this song...


---Pretty Little Head



Photo: Leland Thomas Faegre

Recorded in Ireland and the USA


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