Coming to the Landscape Channel


"Many thanks for participating in our project and becoming a Landscape featured artist..."

---Nick Austin, Chairman, Landscape TV


"If you have not listened to this collection ... I highly recommend you do yourself a favor, and discover the talent of this musician. You may find some of his works will open new horizons of sound for you, or simply a few minutes of peace and pleasure. Whatever you do, please give him a listen ... you will find something you are looking for..!! Guaranteed..!!"

---Valky Gromlin-brutsch, SoundLift, December 2nd, 2005



Sound effects, Loops, Ringtones and Production Music



And now heard by over 2 million listeners through the internet and a

hugely popular satellite station on British Sky Channel 0155...

"We have chosen some tracks from the CD you sent us to play on our internet and SKY broadcasts. The tracks are currently on our automated playlist, so we cannot give accurate details of when they may be played. The tracks are: 'Novus Ordo Seclorum,' 'After You,' 'Pipes of Peace,' Serengeti Serenade,' and 'Gypsies of Galatia.'"  Presented on two featured programs, 'Rock The Box with Jimi the Vox,' and on 'Pulse Lounge' with Rob Bailey; heard on the internet around the world and throughout the UK and Ireland on British Sky Channel 0155...

What the music industry is saying about Pulse Rated:

"Any Demo's forwarded by Pulse Rated will be listened to, so get them rolling."

Paul Centellas, Warner Music A&R

"Pulse Rated will provide a fantastic service to unsigned acts and no doubt aid their promotion to major and independent music companies alike.  A valuable service to all in the music industry."

Joel Harrison, A&R Island Records Group,

Universal Music (UK) Ltd.
"Pulse Rated is a valuable commodity to anyone involved in A&R.  We will utilize this service to hear your demo's."

Barry Saint, A&R, Sony BMG

"Pulse Rated will be a useful digital outlet that will provide exposure to future stars."

Phil Catchpole, Chrysalis Music A&R

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