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Novus Ordo Seclorum

By Leland Thomas Faegre


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'Novus Ordo Seclorum'

Description: Subtitled, The Orwellian Overture [the translation from Latin meaning 'new order of the ages'], the production for Novus Ordo Seclorum was necessarily experimental and subject to much trial and error in the course of three months and 56 tracks.  Its mood seeks to reflect a serious interpretation of our post 9/11 world and the threat from an increasingly Leviathan, nanny-state encroachment upon our civil liberties; in addition to the obvious external threat of terror.  Your papers please!

Story Behind the Music: I seem to remember writing this as a more serious composition in response to Paul McCartney's '1985' from his 'Band on the Run' album.  Although written several years after  'Band on the Run' was released, I quite liked his take on an Orwellian theme.  This came to me as a piano track, although I knew that electric guitars would ultimately become a big part of the production...





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On Top Of a Cloud

  On Top Of a Cloud
Artist: Leland Thomas Faegre
  Release Date: April 4, 2008
  Genre: New Age
  Styles: World
  Label: On Top Of a Cloud


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On Top Of a Cloud

All Instruments: Leland Thomas Faegre

Engineered by Michael French at Down to Hear Productions

Engineered and Mastered by Patrick Collins at Collinator Studios



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And now heard by over 2 million listeners through the internet

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Professional Reviews

"Interesting and engaging instrumental. Although this may be a better fit for a soundtrack project, your song is worth forwarding based on the structure and use of melody to create dynamics. I must say it was quite refreshing to hear your work of Instrumentals. You do have the ability to create mood and set the tone in each piece."

---Taxi, April 29, 2005

"Cinematic, dramatic, I have no idea what the title means...but the track is terrific, orchestration, performance (acoustic guitar amidst the ambient drums is a good touch)...overall arrangement...Excellent work...production as well as performances..."

---Taxi, August 23, 2005

"...nice sounding solo piano works here. The main groove has a good rockin' feel."

---Taxi, November 28, 2005

"Nice mood creation and feel...well written and...powerfully delivered.  Your arrangements, while interesting, are much more complex...strong and solidly delivered..."

---Taxi, April 14, 2006

"Great stuff Leland!  Like the fade in to the piano and pad. Good theme/hooks and harmonic motion.  Good to hear more of your of luck in all your musical endeavors..."

---Taxi, May 3, 2006

"Excellent work...which accurately summon a slightly different flavor that is associated with "military" music.  I found lots to enjoy...the brooding piano and string chords...Appropriately dramatic feel, with good use of space in the arrangement.  String based section after the piano is excellent & well targeted."

---Taxi, July 7, 2006

"The piano work is lyrical and a good contrast to the sonic ' bed', synth layers you've laid down here.  Well played, produced...that indicate your familiarity and affinity for this film music genre...a well developed shape, sense of dynamics...solid..."

---Taxi, March 28, 2007

"Cool, enjoyable piece and...The piano based chordal section was strong, though more of an Elton John meets I'm Not In Love vibe than a centrally orchestral one.  Strong piece, all the same...I found lots to enjoy...a very strong, compelling piece which could find many uses & placements via the right listing..."

---Taxi, April, 9, 2007

"Lots to love on this piece!  Inspired arrangement touches abound.  Reminiscent of 10CC's 'I'm Not In Love' at times...great job...outright winner...It was dramatic, highly musical and beautifully performed. The string sounds and parts were excellent and the rhythm section was strong without being too harsh for this genre.  Loved the way that piece built and developed!"

---Taxi, May 18, 2007

"Very good piece of music...stylistically on target, exciting performances, sound and arrangement...Well produced, musical elements are of high quality and interest. Nice spectrum from intimate to very big. Great performances...very appealing...sound concept this piece keeps the listener with it!  Very exciting..."

---Taxi, May 23, 2008

"...there's no doubt about the quality of the material...Nice work..."

---Taxi, August, 18, 2008

"...strong motif from the piano...arrangement evolves nicely and segues into a cool rock groove...good dynamics... interesting segues...the tracks are musical while dramatic.  Your writing skills are in top form with an inventive arranging style.  A key factor in creating the right impact (with the broadcast medium) lies with the arranging design of the music.  I like the way you make good use of good melodies via creative arranging, good job.  The tracks establish solid themes and progress from there with an even treatment enabling the listener to follow the journey with ease.  The writing is so vast that supervisors will view each piece as independent islands full of relative possibilities.  Keep writing and good luck!"

---Taxi, August 25, 2008



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Peer Reviews from dmusic

Date: June 1, 2005 @ 9:29 PM

Whoa, how has this talent remained undiscovered? Amazing production values, yes sir. I love what you're doing with the drums in the intro, and your song structure is flawless. I love the orchestra bits, they have a real "military feel" to them which is just a little dark and extremely cool. Interesting conclusion, too. Amazing work! Clapping

Date: August 5, 2005 @ 9:08 AM

I will downloading this. It is simply great music.

Date: October 6, 2005 @ 9:46 PM

totally awesome. Soundtrack worthy. killer mix as well. fantastic.........

Date: October 6, 2005 @ 9:54 PM

I've streamed this several times today. It is so good! Nodding Fantastic production! Clapping Clapping I love the buildup from 4:00 on.

Date: November 4, 2005 @ 10:42 AM

definately different ... very well done Nodding

Date: November 18, 2005 @ 3:58 PM

This blossoms into being in such an elegant manner, a John Williamsesque thematicism that's inherently thick with drama. The Classical theme and variation approach makes it seem much shorter than its not-quite-six-minute length. I'm a complete geek for these audio theatrics; thanks for giving me my fix.

Date: November 22, 2005 @ 9:25 PM

Very dynamic! I love the 'rock opera' feel to it.


Peer Reviews from Song Ramp


Sounds like freedom to facism to me....what an ugly lie they told us.....this is TOO LOVELY for that....regardless you did it quite proud!



Why has this passed under the radar? It is a magnificent piece of music. Simply the most thrilling and skillful production it has been my pleasure to experience in a long time. I hear the sinister undertones of encroaching authoritarianism and the overwhelming nature of political control.

But I also hear the inconquerable nature of the human spirit. Outstanding on every level.




Anyone who knows their Orwell gets my vote straight away.
As a piece of music this is magnificent (or doubleplusgood, as we must soon learn to say) and the production is fabulously good. As a devotee of 70s Genesis, I find this type of composition irresistable. Nonetheless, although there are strong sections of menace and desolation within the piece, my overall impression is of a triumphant celebration, a joyous and spirited resistance overcoming the oppression. The G major to A7 third inversion to B minor theme represents, to my ears, an immensely positive energy that overpowers the sinister interludes; it's the sort of theme I would be dancing to if I could have the pleasure of watching every last one of the neocon fascists being dragged into the bowels of hell to take up eternal residence in their spiritual home. (I hope I can retain that positive outlook when, armed with the UK franchise of the Patriot Act, they come to drag me off to the Ministry of Love to deal with my tendencies to commit thoughtcrime. "Do it to Gilly!" I'll say, "She sent me here!")

But again, I must say that, as a piece of music, this is a thrilling listen.

~Emmanuel Goldstein


Peer Reviews from Acid Planet

10/10stars:Hey Leland
You got some Serious skills, and I must add you to my favourites straight away. Thank you for liking 'Detective.'  This is [a] seriously majestic omnipotent intro, and [a] great American Rock feel to it which I like more than British teenage rock any day.  Majestic stuff. Paz JT
10/10stars:The title alone is regal sounding
The track is an amazing, full bodied blend of rich sound.  Sounds like I'm rating a cup of java.  Well that's good coffee nonetheless
It's Lovely but what's really a 10 anyway?
big full powerful sound. full of sweeping majesty.
Manchestah, NH
10/10stars: Wonderful
2.23.2005 @ 6:32am
This is magnificent stuff. Slightly ELO-ish at parts, the actual music really sets a scene in your mind. Best track I heard for some time.
From: AX
10/10stars: Wow!
2.23.2005 @ 12:20am
After just checking out one of your other pieces, I decided to try another -- and I'm glad I did!  The piano sections give it a mournful feel, while the rock and roll guitars make me think of perseverance and resolve. A little military march in there for flavor, and ending with uncertainty for the future. At least that is how I saw it. Terrific stuff, and again an awesome production.
From: ragman
San Jose, CA



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